Special constructions

Zebra & giraffe at the "Pullmann Hotel" in Berlin.

After we have laid the zebra for the inauguration of the Zoo in Pullmann Hotel in Berlin last year, now we are ready to move forward. Around 6 months of development, construction period, and planning implementation, summing up to 1,675 working hours of planning, drafting, constructing and installing, now we have all agreed that we have accomplished something really special. Such a creation is one of a kind in Germany, if not even worldwide.

Now standing triumphantly in the foyer of one of the best hotels in our capital Berlin, is a 7m high giraffe made in a small town in Sundern, Sauerland. 14 employees who worked on different tasks, using altogether 1,100 Kg of Aluminum, created a giraffe that weighs approximately 750 Kg, with roughly 300 spots.

With such an impressive construction, we can proudly say: “Handcrafting” is our expertise. With great care and commitment to the highest quality standard, we have created something absolutely unique. In our “Making -of” video, we are presenting to you a glimpse of the mounting and motion picture of the finished giraffe in Pullmann Hotel in Berlin.

Pictures of the Pullmann "Giraffe" construction phase.

Impressions of the finished Pullmann-"Zebra".

A table for the Mercure Hamburg City.

Furthermore to the pure lighting industry, we are also always looking for new challenges in other areas of the hotel industry.

In addition to a new lighting concept in its rooms, the Mercure Hotel City in Hamburg can also look forward to a side table, which currently serves as a bedside table in the rooms.